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Xiaomi Mi Smart Socket Plug

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Smart socket Smart Socket Xiaomi

Allows you to enable or disable the socket, put timer using your phone. Wherever you were, you tender you only connect to the Internet. You can enable or disable any tehniku.Mozhno connect to the router and manage not only one instrument but also all your appliances in the house.
Power sockets 5V / 1A.

Enjoy the use of smart socket Smart Socket!

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Enjoy the use of smart socket Smart Socket!

Scientific and technical world fills our house. In turn, Xiaomi has released a new smart device: socket Smart Socket. Possible to connect the device to the router , for remote control from a telephone.

Packing socket Smart Socket very small and elegant. Use sturdy white paper. On the front side in the upper right corner you will find the company logo Mi, and below you will find a label pasted with brief information about the outlet Smart Soccer. This can be a great gift.

Compact size
The size of the device is so small that it will not interfere with the appearance and design of your interior. Dimensions of the device only 62 x 55 x 33mm, which is much smaller compared to other such devices. Outlet fashionable to carry and use as a charger socket on the rear side has a USB output.

Outward appearance
Snow-white glossy plastic, the assembly pays great attention to adjust the joints and assembly parts. On the outer side of the socket, there is one two-wire and three-wire a connector that allows you to meet the demand of the overwhelming majority of users.
On top of the outlet is a blue LED that illuminates during power devices and shows what happens the supply of electricity.

Compliance with GOST
Smart Smart Socket outlet corresponds to the State Standard outlets with a three-wire connector, input voltage 180-250Vt output voltage AC 180-250Vt, DC 5W, maximum load of 2200W 10A.

The "smart home", ease of management and use
Smart Socket Socket is indeed part of a smart home. One need only connect it to the router . Connect Mi Mi router or a router with an intelligent mini jack, download the application router and you can immediately use all the features of smart socket Smart Socket. Once connected to a wall outlet via the phone, we can manage it right, to make it remotely turning on and off from the mobile phone.

Graphical management interface is very simple and intuitive to the consumer of any age
You can put the schedule on or off the wall socket if you need to leave immediately but you can not at this point to turn off the unit, just set the timer, and nothing to worry about.

You can control the smart socket Xiaomi Mi, while away from home. If your smartphone is connected to the Internet, you can remotely turn on and off the outlet. You can always check to see whether there are any of your electrical appliances included unattended. If you forget to turn off a particular device, you can do it remotely, in order to avoid fires, accidents and other emergencies. 

More - more.
And this is only the basic and most important function of a smart outlet Smart Socket. In the future, an updated version of the firmware, after pairing smart socket Smart Socket with a router, you will be even more features to create a "smart home" and many other entertainment !!

Manufacturer: MI
Rated current: 10A 2200W
Rated voltage: AC110-265V
Application: Residential / general purpose
Grounding: Standard ground
Type: Plugs
The size of the model: Xiaomi Smart socket

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