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Xiaomi Mi Piston V2 In-Ear Headphones Gold

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Headphone Xiaomi Huosai Piston v2 Gold - Convenient in application. Nadezhnoe kreplenye headphone will not fall. Dlynnыy Wire daet freedom of action. Good peredayut playing time lyubymыh songs. Absence darling delaet headphone easy, something podhodyt for debt proslushyvanyya music.

Customers reviews
ANURAG ANIL 20 Jul 2015
For anyone who loves earphones, they are as good as of Bose's at a fraction of its price!

Xiaomi Huosai v2 (Piston Gold):

We present you the headset Xiaomi Huosai v2 (Piston Gold), which captured widespread popularity among fans of the company's products Xiaomi, and not only. This success has been achieved through high-quality headphones sound full, and thanks to the materials used. The only headphones were originally available to users only in one color scheme - in a silver color. But to date, this "problem" is solved! The company began selling Xiaomi Xiaomi Piston updated in a golden performance that surely will please not only the excellent quality of sound, but also lovers of stylish design and golden hues.

It should also pay tribute to the design of headphones.
The model is made of aluminum soundbar way of diamond cutting.

The material of manufacture is aluminum, cast in an elegant form, which, among other things, is designed specifically for maximum comfort in the ear canal. The sound bar is characterized by extreme stability and effectively reduces noise arising. And the result of improvement of the model was a better bass.

Headset Xiaomi Huosai v2 (Piston Gold) guard high-quality sound!
The membrane is made of an alloy of beryllium.

Using beryllium in manufacturing headphone is one of those rare occasions when the company carefully considered every detail in an effort to meet the needs of even the most demanding users. Lightweight, convenient and portable headphones Xiaomi Huosai v2 (Piston Gold) sit comfortably in your ears and accurately reproduce a wide frequency range - from the lowest to the highest. It should also be noted that beryllium alloy - the material is not cheap, plus the entire complexity and high metal processing - all this and more has been designed specifically for you to enjoy your favorite music anytime, anywhere.

The new dual-damping system. Over pure balanced sound.

The reflected sound waves are applied to the membrane, ensuring complete soundproofing. An improved version of the headset is designed to achieve the highest possible balance of the reflected sound, which results in a cleaner sound, and sound effects are increased.

Use of flexible and durable Kevlar fibers.

As you know, kevlar fiber known for its flexibility and stability. These characteristics are largely reduce the diameter of the cable unit built that not only provides the material with greater flexibility, but also reduces the friction and the likelihood of rapid wear.

The original design solution browned.

Excellent headset Xiaomi Huosai v2 (Piston Gold) wins the hearts of users at first sight!

Much of the low!
Pay attention to the classical style in gift packaging

The original packing box headset Xiaomi developed in the tradition of minimalism and looks like a small but stylish gift box. Included with the headset includes three interchangeable ear tips that will allow each user to adapt the model for their maximum convenience.

Headset Xiaomi Huosai v2 (Piston Gold) - is the best gift for you and for your friends!

Compatible with popular phones on Android.

One of the innovations in the enhanced version of the headphones was the introduction in their structure of the microphone. Among other modifications decrease in the number of cross-interference between the headset and microphone that provides maximum stability during a call. In addition to the excellent compatibility with devices on Android, the headset also features full compatibility with such device, as the Iphone, Ipod Classic, and other devices on IOS.

Headset Xiaomi Huosai v2 (Piston Gold) - the best solution for the highest demands!

Manufacturer Xiaomi
Type Headphones
Frequency range, Hz: 20 - 20000
Impedance, ohm: 12
Sensitivity, dB: 93
Rated power, MW: 3
Plug: 3.5 mm, gold-plated
In addition: remote control, braided reinforced Kevlar
Cable, m: 1.1
Cable Color: coffee
Weight, g: 12

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Customers reviews
20 Jul 2015
For anyone who loves earphones, they are as good as of Bose's at a fraction of its price!
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