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Modern design

We believe that the modern design - it is more than just beautiful icons.

Quality design is manifested in every touch of the screen. It is important to all - from the ordered work processes and a clear hierarchy, to the instantaneous response of the device to your actions

Simplicity and ease of use: perform complicated operation without hesitation. All this and more is part of the visually stunning and incredibly user-friendly firmware MIUI 6.

This is the beginning of a new page of your life!

Useful features

MIUI firmware 6 is equipped with many features: Shows the unknown number, have free access to WiFi via WiWide and use the system pre-installed voice IVR. Wide range simplifies and accelerates the daily use of the device, making routine operations in an exciting game.

Synchronization with Mi Cloud

Mi Cloud Services performs the function of cloud storage for Mi devices, allowing greater access to files on multiple devices - be it: smartphone, tablet, TV or set-top box.

Thus, users can view their favorite photos anytime, anywhere, and continue to browse the web on your tablet from the place where you left off on your phone.


MIUI firmware provides a reliable built-Security Center, equipped with advanced safety technologies by Tencent, Kingsoft and LBE.

This mechanism is completely safe not only provides complete confidentiality of personal data of users, but also optimizes the use of data and battery consumption.

It's not how you use the device, and in what sense when you arise. Thus, we have excluded any distractions so you can focus on the really important things when you need to.

Simplicity and ease of use

For the first time he saw the firmware MIUI, it is impossible to resist, to not immediately start using it. From the first minutes of use there is a feeling that the firmware MIUI able to intuitively guess your actions, performing complex operations simple manner. MIUI firmware gives incredible simplicity and ease of use.

Organize data

Ability to organize the data means that the entire spectrum of possible options, we chose the most convenient way to display information on the screen. Information is easily accessible, allowing you to focus not on the search data, and on your goals.

MIUI 6 allows to catch more!

The firmware MIUI 6 involved new ways to increase your daily productivity. Among the useful features that greatly simplify and accelerate the use of include: messages, black list and the system of pre-recorded voice messages IVR.

Phone calls

It seems to be a function of telephone calls is a priority for any phone, and it's absolutely true! Our objective was to improve the telephone interface, and we coped!

With MIUI 6 you will be able to identify, designate and block unwanted calls with a few more detailed settings.
Determination of unknown numbers

Function definition unknown numbers will protect you from advertising calls, fraud and trade offers.

It's time to say goodbye to annoying phone calls! MIUI firmware recognizes more than 50% of the calls that are spam, fraud or online fraud. Calls coming from suspicious destinations, will be automatically rejected.

Defining service numbers

Identification numbers of banks, courier services, or telemarketing.
Along with detection of malicious calls, further development of the service, supports the largest library in China, provides a definition of the service numbers. Thus, during calls coming from banks, couriers, telephone operators or other service numbers on the screen of your smartphone will display the company name and logo.

IVR System

IVR - a system of pre-recorded voice messages. It allows us to serve customers with a click. The implementation of voice service calls has never been so easy.

It is sometimes difficult to get through to the hotline service credit cards. To contact the operator or perform the desired operation must be at least a couple of minutes long voice prompts. IVR system on firmware MIUI avoids unnecessary waiting by reflecting the main points on the visual menu. This service is supported by companies such as China Mobile, China Unicom, Alipay, SF Express, as well as 50% of the other most widely used service departments.

Main screen

The main screen has always been the center of application access and control functions. MIUI firmware 6 different advanced features optimized for large screens. For additional applications, tools, shortcuts and other useful features are simple and convenient to use.

Alerts on the main screen

MIUI Members have access to the notification from the main screen, including - from the locked.
Useful widgets on the home screen

Thanks to the Quick Access to get fast access to control the music player. To select the desired widget you just swipe your finger across the screen.


Alerts warn you of a new incoming messages of missed calls, reminders, updates, applications, and much more. Posted in firmware MIUI 6 have become more reliable and easier to use.

Look for the new notice on the locked screen. New messages are displayed at the top of the screen. See more information and the program can quickly open a single click. System messages deftly switches between the messages, thus avoiding interruptions in the work of existing programs (such as games or camera).

MIUI firmware 6 also allows the application to enumerate the order of the organization reflect the relevant messages. You also have the ability to define an application whose warning will be displayed. This applies to all programs. You will have the ability to customize features of the notifications in the settings.


Members firmware MIUI 6 have access to more than 5,000 beautiful themes for smartphones. Each of the design developed in the author's style, allows everyone to choose one of them to your liking.

Furthermore, the firmware MIUI 6 destroys the stereotype of the traditional display order of icons in a grid on the main screen. Now users will be space for the imagination, which allows to personalize the interface of your smartphone, making it, for example, like your favorite game or movie.


MIUI firmware 6 contains many powerful built-in tools that make use of super-fast and very convenient!


In addition to task management in the calendar, firmware MIUI 6 allows you to subscribe to a reminder about the new versions of your favorite games, movies or other interesting events from any area. You will no longer miss any important event reminders in your calendar MIUI.


We reconstructed the email so that letters with similar themes were stored in a separate folder, allowing you to quickly view incoming mail subject you are interested in. Select the most important messages that will be displayed first. List of investments also allows you to view and save attachments directly from Mail. Email MIUI support thousands of accounts. To access your personal mail, enter your email address and password.

Internet resources


Load your own music files, or select the best songs from all FM stations in the Music app. The more songs you listen to, the more personalized your player becomes.


MIUI firmware allows you to view all the genres of movies, TV shows, news, animation, entertainment programs and documentaries.


Shop MIUI is one of the biggest app stores in China. The store provides detailed information about each of the applications that can be downloaded on.


The game center MIUI you can search for the most popular and interesting games.

Useful Services

MIUI firmware 6 contains a number of useful applications in everyday life. Mi Life Tools allows you to find new restaurants, buy movie tickets or reserve a hotel booking. You also have the possibility to use the Directory MIUI for parcels, make an appointment to see a doctor or pay the phone bills. You do not have to install additional applications or create new accounts. The world you have in your hand!

Service Mi Life

Mi Life Service cooperates with several procurement websites allows you to buy food and movies at the lowest prices.


Directory MIUI combines a set of useful services in daily life, such as food delivery service, room reservations at hotels and buy tickets. All you need you have in your hand!


News, promos, new products!