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    The 70 MAI Dash Camera is a car DVR of modern generation. Special algorithms are based on extensive data training and can recognize the speech and different accents. Support voice control. The camera has a wide angle of view and can record the video even in low-light conditions. With special application you will get free access to your recorded content.

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    On a New Trip with 70 MAI Smart Car DVR

    On a New Trip with 70 MAI Smart Car DVR

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    Smart Voice Control

    Recording becomes simpler

    Taking photos and recording the videos can be controlled by the voice allow you to free your hands and concentrate on driving.

    Accurate Speech Recognition

    The integrated algorithms are based on extensive data training. Regardless of accents, the speech recognition is not an issue anymore. The support of voice commands with different accents was proved by lots of tests. The fast processors instantly complete the voice commands.

    Electrostatic adhesion

    Easy to install, more durable

    The electrostatic adhesion installation is more efficient and helps to avoid the damage caused by high temperature.

    Record the video in an emergency

    Review of an incident

    The modern roads are always full of danger and sometimes, unfortunately, we can be involved in some car accidents. When you have the dash camera you will have the full proofs of what has happened.

    1080P HD

    Clear picture details

    The 70 MAI Dash Camera uses the MSTAR image processor with high h.264 video compression. Only clear and high-resolution video.

    High-sensitive sensor

    Image quaily even in the dark conditions

    The SONY IMX323 image sensor with photosensitive element provides the enhanced image quality even in the low-light and nighttime environment

    Wide vision

    130 degrees angle of view

    The angle of view of the camera can cover and record the three lanes of the road (the driving lane and the lanes of each side).

    7-layer lenses

    No “soft focus effect”

    With 70 MAI Dash Camera, you won’t have the soft focus experience. The device equipped with 7-layer spherical glass lenses. This decision increases the light transmittance, reduces reflectivity and helps to create the high-quality images.

    Rotative bracket

    Satisfies the different angles

    To provide the necessary angle for recording the 70 MAI Dash camera bracket has the support of all the amplitude rotation. It can be easily adjusted to the different car models and gives the user shooting angle in the best position.

    Easy to charge

    You can charge it using the cigarette lighter

    Now you shouldn’t use the socket to charge the device in a traditional way. All you need is just the cigarette lighter and Micro USB cable from the package.

    Light indicator

    You will know the record status

    The device uses the three colors that indicate the recording status.

    • The first start-up (blue light)
    • Normal recording (green light)
    • Abnormal recording (red light)

    Wireless interconnection

    View the video on your smartphone in real time

    Using the special application you can view the video on your Dash Cam in a real time. Use the Wi-Fi to set up the connection. Watch the old videos and save them on your smartphone.


  • Specifications
    Manufacturer 70 MAI
    Type Smart Dash Camera
    Camera Lens F1.8 large aperture, 165° ultra-wide-angle lens
    Image Processor MSTAR MSC8328
    Video Full HD; 1080P (1920×1080), 30 fps
    Angle of view 130°
    Image Sensor SONY IMX 323; 2.0 MP, F2.2
    WiFi WiFi 8.11b/g/n; 2.4GHz
    Storage Max External Card Supported: TF 8-64GB (not included); Class 10 or Above
    Battery Built-in 240mAh Li-Polymer battery
    Power Supply Car cigarette lighter
    Power Cord Length 3.5 m
    Power Interface 5V / 1,5 A micro USB interface
    Compatibility with Car Brands Universal
    Features Voice control
    Dimensions 100×550×320mm
    Weight 70g
    Color Black
    Packaging 1×70 MAI Smart Dash Camera 1 x Power Adapter, 1×3.5 m Micro USB Power Cable, 1 x Manual
    User Manual PDF -
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70MAI Smart Dash Cam
70MAI Smart Dash Cam
70MAI Smart Dash Cam
70MAI Smart Dash Cam
70MAI Smart Dash Cam
70MAI Smart Dash Cam
70MAI Smart Dash Cam
70MAI Smart Dash Cam
70MAI Smart Dash Cam
70MAI Smart Dash Cam
70MAI Smart Dash Cam
70MAI Smart Dash Cam